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8 Ways Your Business Can Use Video in 2020

Everyone’s talking about how businesses and brands should be investing in video as part of their marketing strategy.


There’s a glittering array of statistics online showing that video is becoming a bigger and bigger chunk of online traffic, and how consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. If you're in any doubt, just take a look at this infographic from RawShorts

But there’s surprisingly little talk about where video content fits in with a business’ existing operations, and how it can be used effectively towards business goals. Too often, big chunks of marketing budgets are spent on shiny new content that end up in a quiet corner of YouTube, unwatched and unloved. 

Online video isn’t a fad. It’s an effective communication tool that can improve processes across a company, from sales & marketing to recruitment & company culture. 

1. Engaging Website & Social Content

3. Paid Media Advertising

5. Consumer Education

7. Recruitment

2. Direct Sales Tools

4. Content for Inbound Marketing

6. Digital Signage

8. Training

Let's chat about video.
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